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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Sinfinis, The Edge of a Knife : CD Review

Sinfinis, “The Edge of a Knife”: CD Review

Sinfinis, The Edge of a Knife

The Edge of a Knife is the debut release for St Louis’ songbird Mary Elizabeth Bell, the voice of Sinfinis.  The songs are not “structured” in the traditional sense of verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus, etc.   Expect tempos to change and melodies to wander off the path of predictability.  The themes are dark, self-searching and generally nihilistic.  Mary Elizabeth’s voice is truly beautiful, the sugar-coating to the bitter lyrical themes.  While not recommended listening for optimists, those looking for something introspective and emotionally engaging will find solace here.

Favorite Tracks:   Perfect Surface, Repeat Offender

Listen to clips: Sinfinis link

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