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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Dax Riggs Concert Review

Dax Riggs at The Old Rock House

Dax Riggs at The Old Rock House in St Louis. Photo Credit: © Melissa Andrew.

Who knew doom and gloom could be so beautiful? Dax Riggs, that’s who! On Saturday, August 21, 2010,  Dax Riggs transformed The Old Rock House into dark New Orleans bayou with his brand of southern infused gutter-rock. Fans were eager to hear songs from the new album, Say Goodnight to the World, and Dax did not disappoint. The new lineup with bassist Kevin Fitsimmons, guitarist Julian Primeaux and drummer Charley Siess were a perfect compliment to Dax’s uncanny vocals. The set featured songs that embody the music of Dax Riggs, including “Grave Dirt on my Blue Suede Shoes” and “See You All In Hell or New Orleans”.

With a stripped down drum set including an oversized bass drum and floor tom, Seiss impressed the audience with percussion for the song “The Night is the Notion.” An extended version of “Sleeping With The Witch” gave Primeaux the opportunity to showcase his speed on the guitar.  Dax Riggs, as always, rocked fans with wailing howls during “I Hear Satan” and the title track “Say Goodnight to the World.”

Dax Riggs in St Louis. Photo Credit: © Melissa Andrew.

While the set leaned heavily on new music, fans broke out in to an all out sing-along during songs from the first album, which included “Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain” and “The Night is the Notion.”

A broken guitar string during the last half of the show didn’t stop the band for long. The audience patiently waited for more as Riggs passed his guitar to Primeaux to swap strings. The band then launched into a sludge-slow cover of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” followed by “Let Me Be Your Cigarette.”

The band rushed off stage after the set, but the audience was not finished. Applause quickly turned in to chanting.


No Dax Riggs performance would be complete with out a Deadboy And The Elephantmen revival. Dax and crew returned to the stage to perform a three song encore, including the Deadboy song, “Stop I am Already Dead” and a cover of the Rolling Stones “Dead Flowers.” Last but not least, Dax Riggs performed “Truth in the Dark” to remind the crowd “We sing of only blood or love…”


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