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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut, No Name No Color, CD Review

No Name No Color

Just released October 5, 2010, No Name No Color is the debut LP release for the Sacramento alt-rock band Middle Class Rut.  This is heavy, raw, under-produced rock (the tracks are recorded in their rehearsal space, almost immediately after writing, to capture the intensity of each composition) that I absolutely loved from the very first listen.  You won’t believe this band is a two piece; SEAN STOCKHAM (vocals, drums) and ZACK LOPEZ (vocals, guitars) are the sole members.  Their lyrics largely seem to embody the frustration of a shrinking American middle class,  a hemmed-in type of frustrated nihilism fed by economic uncertainty and the general dissolution of the ‘American dream’ ideal, with anthems that lament real problems that real people have.  These songs are real, often angry, but not necessarily defeatist.  And boy, are they catchy, too.  If you love honest, straightforward garage-style rock without a lot of fluff, don’t miss MC Rut !

Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut. Photo Credit: ©Andrew Kuykendall.

Track list:

1. Busy Bein’ Born
2. U.S.A.
3. New Low
4. Lifelong Dayshift
5. One Debt Away
6. Are You on Your Way
7. Alive or Dead
8. I Guess You Could Say
9. Sad to Know
10. Dead End
11. Thought I Was
12. Cornbread

Favorite Tracks: Busy Bein’ Born, New Low, One Debt Away

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