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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Fer De Lance

Interview With Jason Cole of Fer De Lance

Fer De Lance is a St. Louis based alternative rock band formed in 2007.    They have performed at the popular St. Louis Pointfest music festival twice, as well as opened for many national acts including Street Sweeper Social Club, Saving Abel, Red, Trust Company, Evans Blue, The Exies and The Veer Union.  St. Louis Music Press interviewer Angie Knost got a chance to speak with Jason Cole, singer of  Fer De Lance, about their upcoming debut full-length release and more.

Fer De Lance

Fer De Lance. Photo Credit: © Angie Knost.

Angie: For our readers who haven’t yet heard Fer De Lance, in your own words, could you describe your music?

Jason: Our music contains intense melodic grooves, aggressive rhythms and optimistic undertones, packaged with a pumped up sound all drenched in science fiction gravy.

Angie: How was your band formed?

Jason: The group started as the brain child of myself and my cousin Josh. Jared came into the fold through a mutual project that he, Josh, & I were a part of called Side of Fives. Wes was the next member to join after he struck up a conversation with Josh during a local cover band gig they were playing. Wes had literally just moved back into town from his studies at McNally Smith College of Music up in Minnesota. Ricky was the last member to join the group. He also happens to be cousins with me and Josh and was actually the singer in project called Darkwater that I had played bass in. Upon Ricky’s arrival the lineup was set, and things really started to click musically.

Angie: What is your most favorite St Louis area venue to play a?

Jason: The Library was our spot previously, but they closed the doors. We have a great relationship with Pops, and the Old Rock House is becoming a new favorite.  Still looking for home, though.

Angie: Who are some other local St Louis area acts that you guys like?

Jason: Heist, Slampig, The Gorge, Arythma, Soma, and Copperview are all good bands and friends of ours.

Angie: If you could tour with any national act you wanted to, what would be your “dream tour”?

Jason: Definitely the Deftones, Hum, and we’d have Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Coheed & Cambria battle to the death for the last spot on the bill.

Angie: What was the best show you’ve ever played, so far?

Jason:  Probably the Street Sweeper Social Club show we were lucky enough to open.  Whenever you get to share the stage with a musician the caliber of a Tom Morello, it really legitimizes that we’re not just spinning our wheels and that all of the hard work we’ve put into this is starting to pay off.

Angie:  What’s the hardest thing about being an independent musician?

Jason: The lack of revenue and the obnoxious, but necessary, promotional duties can both wear on you. But in the end, it’s all worth it.

Angie: What’s the best thing about being a musician?

Jason:  The ability to be absorbed by sound and disappear. To be able to make connections with people on another, maybe higher, level and the ability to speak another language with fellow musicians.

Angie: Are you looking to be “signed” by a label, or are you content to stay independent?   What are your aspirations for the band?

Jason: Obviously we’re open to any and all offers that come our way… I mean the main goal of any original band is to get your music out to as many people as possible.   So if a major label can help us do that then we’d have to entertain the idea.  But if the major labels don’t come knocking on the door, we’re completely prepared to push things forward as  independent artists and make that happen with our own efforts.

Angie: Any funny, embarrassing or notable band stories?

Jason: There is footage of our guitarist Jared being overtaken by the rock gods and eating it mid song on the Pageant stage… Ricky dumped a glass of ice water in Jared’s lap at a Waffle House in Kansas City… and during our last show at Pop’s with Street Sweeper Social Club, THE Tom Morello gave us his sharpie to sign a fan’s drum stick.

Angie: Can you tell us a little about your debut release and where fans can find that?

Jason: The album was finished October 1st. You can download some samples at www.ferdelancestl.com. There will be fully packaged copies available October 15th, if all goes accordingly. The 13 tracks will also be available for purchase on iTunes as well as many online music stores very soon.

Angie: Any upcoming shows in the area you would like to invite the readers to?

Jason: Our next show is at 2720 Cherokee on October 15th with From Skies of Fire, Forevers Calling and Corvus… October 29th at Doug’s Burger Bar with Hiest and Slampig, and November 7th at Pop’s with Evan’s Blue.

Angie: Any message you would like to send out to your fans?

Jason: Keep on supporting your local music. Come to shows ready to be a part of the experience that is live music.

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