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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Atom Smash

Atom Smash, Love Is In The Missile, CD Review

Atom Smash

Miami’s Atom Smash is a relatively new band with their debut full-length release Love Is In The Missile just out August 31, 2010.  Since forming the band in 2008 and releasing an EP entitled Sacrifice, they have shared the stage with big names including Saliva and Halestorm.

This 11 song CD is a veritable mixed bag of sounds, flowing from hard rock sounds to Nickelback-esque type rock to rock ballads that sound like they could accompany any of the crop of modern primetime dramas on TV today.  The band describes their sound as “modern grunge”, claiming a heavy Nirvana and Soundgarden influence.

Do Her Wrong” was the first single released from the album.  In an official source, lead vocalist Sergio Sanchez said, “‘Do Her Wrong’ stands out for us.  The story is pretty simple; it’s an anthem for every guy out there.  No matter how perfect of a girl you have and how amazing the situation could be, you could still do it wrong.  She could have everything, and it still wouldn’t work.  It’s an anthem for how foolish we can be as men.”

The CD cover warns of explicit content; the faint of heart may have a problem with some of the lyrics, but overall this CD has a radio-friendly type of sound and is choc full of high energy rock and roll.

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