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Sunday April 22nd 2018

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Depreciation Guild

The Depreciation Guild, Spirit Youth, CD Review

(Kanine Records, Sept. 2010)

Blending the ethereal vocals and synths of The Postal Service with the reverb-drenched guitars of The Cure and My Bloody Valentine, Spirit Youth is the sophomore full-length release by indie-rock duo Kurt Feldman and Christoph Hochheim. Rounding out the roster for this album is bassist Raphael Radha and percussionist Anton Hochheim.

The Depreciation Guild represents a viable stream within the current batch of rock that has been born in the past five years: an intelligent and seamless blend of synthetic and organic sounds with lyrics that are simultaneously cryptic yet achingly heart-felt.

Spirit Youth is a fantastic album for late nights – it’s warm yet precise instrumentation is slickly mixed, appropriate for darkened highway drives, long conversations with a new romantic interest, or the rapid-fire typing of emotional journal entries. Few albums released in the past few years can so easily navigate the sometimes conflicting worlds Electronic-based composition and organic Rock, but The Depreciation Guild do an admirable and catchy job.

Track Listing

1 My Chariot

2 Crucify You

3 Blue Lily

4 Dream About Me

5 November

6 Trace

7 A Key Turns

8 Spirit Youth

9 Through The Snow

10 White Moth

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Review By Lucas Yochum
Author of The Obscuritan Journal

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