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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Floating Action

Floating Action, Desert Etiquette, CD Review

(Park the Van Records)

The problem with a new (or newly popular) musical genre, either in the mainstream or indie world, is that there are many acts that will rush to embrace the sound without actually understanding it.  Within the amorphous and seemingly slap-dash world of Lo-Fi, this holds especially true.  However, North Carolina’s Floating Action is not ignorantly jumping on the bandwagon.

Desert Etiquette is a really unique piece that straddles, spindles, deconstructs, and blends multiple forms of uniquely American music like gospel, soul, and southern-friend twangy rock into a rich yet simple brew.  Seth Kauffman (the single genius behind Floating Action) says of his project in its official press release “We’re a Southern band whose hearts are in the West Coast.”  This statement is apt: for a recording that eschews the big warmth of more production-happy records, Desert Etiquette has a uniquely radiant tone.  Whether you catch them on a live tour or from any of Kauffman’s three albums, Floating Action will leave a deep impression.

Desert Etiquette is slated for a late February release.  The timing on this could not be more fortunate.  From end to end,  Floating Action is a band perfect for late night bonfires, cold morning wake-ups, and is great for chasing away those dark-of-winter ghosts.

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Review by Lucas Yochum
Author of The Obscuritan Journal

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