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Friday August 29th 2014
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Music magazines

The online availability of digital music magazines and blogs is a wonderful thing.   News about your favorite artists is only a click away.  But don’t forget about traditional print media!  Without it, you never could read about music in a waiting room, on the subway, even on the commode…and how would you get that Tiger Beat pinup hunk-rocker on the wall of your bedroom in the digital age?  In our homage to the printed word and the CMYK image, here is a list of magazines about music, sound and musicianship you may or may not have heard about…

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JazzTimes Magazine
America’s premier jazz magazine provides uncompromising, comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the international jazz scene. In addition to insightful profiles of emerging and established stars, every issue contains over 100 reviews of the latest CD’s, books, DVD’s and performances.

Moblie Beat
Mobile Beat is all about being an entertainer – without limits. DJs (Disc Jockeys) can go just about anywhere to bring the party to the people, and Mobile Beat aims to provide them with the information and inspiration they need to get the job done.

The leading magazine for today’s young drummers and hand percussionists. Each issue is packed with lessons, product reviews, helpful equipment tips and no-holds-barred artist interviews. When something new happens in the world of drumming read about it first in Drum!

Making Music Magazine
Making Music is a unique lifestyle magazine for music makers. If you want to get more out of your exciting hobby and take advantage of its benefits, you’ll enjoy this one-stop resource, packed with features about music makers like you, as well as instruction,news, and product reviews.

Under the Radar Magazine
The solution to music pollution! Under the Radar is one of America’s best independent music magazines. Each issue features interviews and reviews of the latest new and interesting music being made today.

International Musician Magazine
International Musician magazine is the official journal of the American Federation of Musicians of the US & Canada. Each issue of International Musician magazine provides updates on legislation, activism and labor campaigns affecting musicians.

Alternative Press Magazine
Alternative Press magazine covers underground, alternative and punk music. Find brutally honest reviews, news and features on new music, style and more in each issue of Alternative Press magazine.

Substream Music Press Magazine
Substream Music Press magazine focuses on the best new artists in Alternative, Screamo, Indie, Metal, Hardcore, Emo, Pop, and Electronic Music. Each issue of Substream Music Press magazine includes reviews, interviews and more.

Blurt Magazine
Blurt magazine raises the bar for modern music and entertainment magazines, and websites, by combining insightful features, irreverent interviews, relentless reviews, and first class-design standards.

Billboard Magazine
Billboard magazine is best-known for its music charts and in-depth coverage of the music and entertainment business worldwide. Also find information on digital music trends, tours and features in each issue of Billboard magazine.

Blues Revue Magazine
The world’s largest blues publication, devoted to the listener and musician whose musical passion is the full spectrum of the blues.

Beyond Race Magazine
Beyond Race is a quarterly magazine dedicated to groundbreaking music, culture and the arts.

Strutter Magazine
Strutter Magazine is North America’s finest music and lifestyle publication. With newsstand quality and a mainstream approach, Strutter Magazine is effectively breaking out of the box and delivering its content beyond the niche to a large mainstream audience. Music, tattoos, audio/video and more.

Define the Meaning Magazine
Define the Meaning is created for fans of hardcore and hardcore-related music (punk, emo, post-hardcore, etc). This fanzine will be a vessel to share the opinions of bands and fans to provoke thought and consciousness of why hardcore ideals are important to a music community.

ALARM Magazine
ALARM Magazine has stood for nearly 15 years as a bastion of freethinking music and art, unconstrained by the mainstream marketplace. ALARM features in-depth coverage of up-and-comers, established underground bands, artist and other intgral all presented in a unique collector-quality book.

Relix Magazine
Relix Magazine focuses on the live music scene. Originally a fan ‘zine for Grateful Dead fans, Relix Magazine now features a wide spectrum of artists ranging from Phish and the Allman Brothers Band to Wilco and My Morning Jackets. Each issue also includes a compilation CD.

Spin Magazine
Spin magazine covers the alternative music scene and pop culture. Each issue of Spin magazine features reviews, essays and interviews on a variety of music from pop to jazz.

DownBeat Magazine
DownBeat Magazine has served as the book of record for the jazz world for 75 years. Feature sections of DownBeat Magazine include CD reviews, blindfold tests and toolshed.

Living Blues Magazine
Living Blues magazine is America’s first blues magazine. For 40 years Living Blues magazine has provided fans with insightful, in-depth stories and interviews with legendary blues artists like Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Etta James and Buddy Guy.

M Magazine
M features movies, music, and much more for teens.

Sound & Vision Magazine
The world’s largest entertainment equipment magazine, Sound & Vision is the preeminent source for consumers of home theater, audio, video and multimedia products.

Stereophile Magazine
Stereophile magazine is the oldest and largest U.S. magazine devoted to high-performance audio components. Each issue of Stereophile magazine contains 10-15 reports on hi-fi components that include a full set of industry-standard measurements.

Pure  Country
You can relive the stories and songs of your life with entertaining and informative stories about the lives of stars that made Country great! This is the ONLY magazine dedicated to Classic Country Music and nothing else. It’s also filled with beautiful photographs, fans memories and fun facts.

Opera News Magazine
Opera News magazine is beautifully illustrated and intelligently written. Find profiles of bold new directors and designers, new productions, new singers and performance reports from around the world in each issue of Opera Magazine.

BBC Music Magazine
The world’s best-selling Classical music magazine.

American Songwriter Magazine
Covers the full spectrum of American music, from the creative songwriting process to music business-related columns. Each issue contains in-depth interviews with the world’s top songwriters and artists, as well as up-and-comers. A must-have for all lovers of the Great American Song.

Strings Magazine
Strings magazine covers every aspect of bowed strings instruments. Each issue of Strings magazine features articles and resources for violin, viola, cello and bass students and teachers.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Acoustic Guitar is a comprehensive resource for beginner to seasoned performers of all music styles. Find features, events, reviews, transcriptions from recordings and solo pieces for guitars in each issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Professional Sound Magazine
Professional Sound is the magazine for today’s audio professional. Get all your information on recording, live sound, broadcast, post production, sound contracting, DJ’s, AV production and multimedia here!

Premier Guitar Magazine
It’s the multimedia home for guitarists who are serious about their tone. See Premier Guitar’s print magazine, online digital edition and web site for in-depth gear info, artist features, how-to tips, lessons and more.

Bass Player Magazine
Bass Player magazine is written for serious musicians who play electric and acoustic bass. Each issue of Bass Player magazine features technique how-to articles, musician interviews and reviews of equipment, instructional videos, books and CDs.

Electronic Musician Magazine
Technology for making and recording music including keyboards, synthesizers, MIDI and digital recordings.

Guitar Player Magazine
Guitar Player magazine is written for serious guitarists who want to become better, more informed players. Each issue of Guitar Player magazine is fiercely dedicated to stylistic diversity in its coverage of music, artists and guitar gear.

Mix Magazine
Mix magazine covers the entire spectrum of professional recording and sound production technology industry. Find a wide variety of topics in each issue of Mix magazine including broadcast production, music technology and audio for film and video.

L2P Quarterly Magazine
L2P (Live 2 Play) Quarterly magazine provides singers, songwriters, and bands with practical, down-to-earth information to help with their music creation and performance. L2P Quarterly magazine is the resource for production, technological and business advice from reliable sources in the industry.

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