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Sunday April 22nd 2018

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Tupac Shakur, His Final Hours,  DVD Review

He said he was going to go out in a blaze of glory, and that he did. “Tupak Shakur: His Final 24 Hours” documents and reenacts the legendary hip hoppers untimely demise and the circumstances leading up to it.

The movie goes in depth into his friends and family; they are interviewed about their own lives as well as Tupac’s, including insights about his childhood, struggling with homelessness and his mother’s involvement with the Black Panthers.  From his early background to his multi-million dollar rap career, the uninitiated will gain a good understanding of his circumstances growing up amid violence and hardships, and his career success that stemmed from his involvement with the group Digital Underground.   Not only a rapper but also an actor starring in the film Juice and many other movies, Tupac established himself as a force in the hip hop world, a talented musician, actor and personality. He met an untimely demise, murdered in a drive-by shooting shortly after attending a  Mike Tyson–Bruce Seldon boxing match in 1996.

Anyone interested in the mystery of Tupac’s murder, or the history of influential hip hoppers in general, will find the story that unfolds in this documentary to be fascinating and informative.

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