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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Black Dub

Black Dub, Self Titled, CD Review

Black Dub

From highly regarded musician/producer/songwriter Daniel Lanois comes the debut album by Black Dub.   It contains eleven tracks that mix soulful R&B, blues, funk and rock.  While the music flows unencumbered from track to track, and Daniel Lanois’ involvement certainly will be a selling point for many, the delightful surprise of this disc will be hearing Trixie Whitley sing.  She exerts her potent vocal style throughout this disc, lifting already powerful songs even that much higher.

“I Believe In You’, the featured single, stands out with Trixie’s resonant voice over mellow, moody music.  Picking up the tempo, the next track, “Ring The Alarm”, moves from light rock to haunting guitar work.   And while we’re on the subject of guitar work, “Slow Baby” will have you sitting back and savoring every note.

Lanois has delivered a fine album to add to his credit, but the main aspect, for me, is the introduction of Trixie, a distinctive voice you will remember.

Track List:
Love Lives
I Believe In You
Ring The Alarm
Last Time
Slow Baby

Find out more about Black Dub at their official website blackdub.net.

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