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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Earl with Butcher Holler

Earl with Butcher Holler at The Ten Mile House, May 6, 2011
The weekend previous to this one, I went to Rockwood’s Reservation; sometimes it is nice to visit the country. Still in a country mood when Friday night rolled back around, it was only fitting that I attend the free show at the Ten Mile House featuring Earl and Butcher HollerEarl has undergone member changes over the years. Front man Jimmy Kennedy has also performed solo at times, in addition to trying to reform Earl‘s persona in recent years under the name “Jimmy Kennedy & The Wrecking Ball“.
It appears that the Ten Mile House is under new ownership now and the place got an upgrade. ( They also have a newly designed website, thanks to Rick Laury from Bar Room Productions.) Jimmy is once again doing open-mic nights on Thursday evenings, every week, starting at around  9pm. His Facebook profile link is in the footer below, or you may contact him via email for info about the open-mic night or to inquire about information on booking your original music act on Saturday nights there. (His address is: jimmy10mile (AT) gmail (DOT) com When you visit the website, their booking page also has the contact for Bar Room Productions their for your convenience. Rick Laury’s email address is as follows: rick (AT) barroomproductions (DOT) com ).

Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Now where was I? Oh, yes, Earl. It seems they have returned once again to grace the stage. The venue was pretty full, and even though the makeup of Earl was different, the spirit of their music was surely alive on this night, that much was evident. The group is now comprised of keyboardist/guitarist Eric Keener, drummer Robert Roewe and bassist Sean Barnes. Jimmy Kennedy is the lead singer, who also provides acoustic guitar playing, in addition to the harmonica. Eric also does some background vocals. If you are unfamiliar with Jimmy Kennedy, allow me to inform you that he has shared the stage with Lynyrd SkynyrdTed Nugent and also.38 Special. In 2009, he toured the Mediterranean with Armed Forces Entertainment and was also part of Campus Activities Magazine’s “Hot Music 2009” list.  He has also toured the midwest in the past.

Earl at Ten Mile House. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Jimmy has a flair for the dramatic. He has a “blue-collar” working-man’s approach to his musicianship. He knows how to work the crowd.  He can get them dancing, get them prancing; he even seems to know when to slow things down and get a little emotional. His control is good. He lets loose his fierce side from time to time, usually in the more upbeat songs, when the music seems fitting. Along with the acoustic playing and harmonica that he provides on certain songs, Eric Keener fills in the rest with his harmonies and background vocals, not to mention his electric guitar playing. From time to time, he also provides a keyboard arrangement here or there.
Earl is rounded out by veterans Robert Roewe and bassist Sean Barnes, with their unique blend of bluesy, roots-rock, country, they seem to just keep on truckin’…
Earl at 10 Mile House

Earl at Ten Mile House. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Set List:
One More Day
Your Not Me
Finders Keepers
L.C. Time
I Don’t Wanna Know You
The Key To My Heart
Still Your Fool
The Game
Watch Me Burn
Between The Lines
Beautiful Delilah (Chuck Berry)
Roll Billy
Someone Else’s Mistake
Stranger To Me Now (Mama’ Pride)

Butcher Holler

Butcher Holler at Ten Mile House. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Butcher Holler took the stage for the remainder of the evening. They wasted no time and busted into some Waylon Jennings. Yes, I was ready for the country. Butcher Holler’s music is no stranger to me either, yet this was my first time seeing them live. Personally, my favorite song they do is “Eva”, which they played second. Sweet. “Trouble” is a good one too, though. For those who have not witnessed the group, know that Jamey Almond plays the bass and is the lead vocalist, Butch Ulrich plays the guitar and also provides lead vocals, and they are kept together by Jonathan Taylor on drums. He also provides some background vocals. For me, it is nice to see Jamey explore another musical style that he seems to love. In the past, I know him from watching and listening to The Tripdaddy’s. For the punk/rockabilly crowd types, note that hints of the style seem to creep their way into the music, but it is quite different. It is more along the lines of country and americana/roots-rock.
Butcher Holler

Butcher Holler at Ten Mile House. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

I spoke with Jamey after the show, and he informed me that they were beginning to record their full-length album, which as I now type the words that you see on your screen in cyber-space, are now in production. So, be on the lookout for new music from them in the future. What I find interesting is how Jamey and Butch sometimes trade off songs entirely or share certain songs in a lead vocalist position. Their styles and voices compliment each other and the music well. As veterans of the music scene, the song writing is also impeccable. For a three-piece, they have a full sound, especially considering the style they choose, they pull it off very well.
Butcher Holler

Butcher Holler at Ten Mile House. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Set List:
Are You Ready For The Country? (Waylon Jennings)
Peeping Tom Blues
Time On My Hands
White Freightliner (Townes Van Zandt)
Waste Of Time
Andale! Andale! Andale!
Festus Bound
Sinful Dying Man
Woke Up Old
Lemmy Smiled
Loner’s Lament
Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)
Don’t Think Twice
Butcher Holler

Butcher Holler at Ten Mile House. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

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