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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Vendetta Sonata One Year Anniversary Show at 2720 Cherokee on May 27

 Vendetta Sonata 1 Year Anniversary Show at 2720 Cherokee on May 27, 2011

Vendetta Sonata is an alternative, progressive rock band from St. Louis that has just released their first two tracks . The group has been performing steadily for about a year now and will be having their one year anniversary show on May 27, 2011 at 2720 Cherokee in St. Louis. More songs will be released in the coming months.  These songs were recorded, mixed and also mastered by Kai Kennedy at Sky Fire Productions. 

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“Won’t Be Long” renders a portrait of the human spirit and it’s inevitable end in the path of it’s flesh form. The metaphor reveals the all too familiar yet unshakable truth that the clock is ticking on our time here on earth. The journey takes it’s twists and turns that complete our quest as we open our arms in acceptance of finally reaching the resting place which we will call our home. The song begins with a nice electric flange without any distortion on the guitar’s effects, provided by Jonathon Baker. After the first bar, Doyle joins in on bass followed by Chris on drums. Each presents their own element that compliments each other well. Meanwhile, vocalist Shawn Telkamp has joined in with the rhythm section after the first measure. Subtle is this intro, and when the song’s title is first heard in the vocals of the song, the background echo of it, in harmony form, reminds me of an earlier Bowie, and it is haunting. The music slowly builds and then the second verse follows, after which a Pink Floyd type of scream comes out of nowhere as the music crescendos into the chorus. “They’re welcoming me home” is sung as it’s sole phrase in a Dio fashion; after a few mentions of these words, in comes a well-executed solo on the guitar. You can hear the rhythm continually kept throughout the end of the song, while some more haunting croons pace it to the end of the track.

 “Dreamstate” has a hypnotic guitar intro that turns into a slower tempo along with the rhythm. It captures your  attention, as do the lyrics, which are seductive in nature. The slower tempo runs its course, and the guitar speeds up again into the pre-chorus. Distorted electric guitar and synchopated rhythms fill the sonic space as Shawn carries a vibrato into this progressive chorus. The chorus is followed by an even more progressive bridge that eventually returns as a reprise type of chorus. “Come follow me” are the last words you hear when the track ends, as a sort of call to action, from the listener’s perspective. 

Visit the band online for upcoming events and more. If you enjoyed these songs and care to leave your thoughts on their Facebook fan page, see their reviews application on the left of their page, located under their fan page’s avatar.

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