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Thursday March 22nd 2018

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Soundtrack

Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides Soundtrack

The soundtrack was recently released to accompany Walt Disney’s latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, entitled “On Stranger Tides”.  This soundtrack has a secret ingredient that makes for success:  Hans Zimmer. He has composed the music for quite a few Disney films this year, and his scores keep getting better and better, reflecting the action and emotion as plots develop.  Giving this CD  a listen, I must say that the second track by world famous guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriel, entitled “Angelica”, jumped out at me as a real standout favorite track.  A very passionate sound comes through. Very moving.

The disc contains five tracks, and every one a winner. Other key players that were involved were trumpet ace Arturo Sandoval and big time DJs remixing certain songs.  Other favorites include “Mermaids”, which gives of a nice haunting vibe, and “Mutiny”, which  has an up tempo, charge-forth sound.

All tracks with Rodrigo Y Gabriel are real stand outs for me. As with most sound tracks, I get to hear them a few weeks or so before the film comes out, so I try to picture the action in my head. It will be nice to see if I come close when I see the film with the music, which is out May 20, 2011. Don’t miss it, mateys.  Aaargh!!

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