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Battle For Lou Fest II

Battle For Lou Fest II At Off Broadway, May 21, 2011
The LouFest High School Battle of the Bands, held at Off Broadway in St Louis, is a two part competition where young musicians compete for a spot on the side stage, “Area K’, to perform at the 2011 LouFest Music Festival, which will be held in August 2011.  The first leg of the competition was held on May 7, 2011, now we bring you the second leg of the competition that was held on May 21, 2011.  St Louis Music Press contributor Christopher Davis was there to report on the action….

Highschool Battle of the Bands, Addi Pietro & Missouri Mud

Addi Pietro & Missouri Mud. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis

Deja vu. Back at Off Broadway again for The Battle For Lou Fest part two. Addi Pietro & Missouri Mud were the first act to take the stage. Addi is the singer and guitar player from the group. He seems to be the songwriter also, judging by his You Tube account (posted in the footer of this article). The trio played some upbeat and more contemporary sounding rock, with a blues flare to it. The rhythm section played a straight forward, yet pretty tight accompaniment to Addi’s style; they complimented each other. Addi Pietro is inspired by such acts as John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Robert Johnson. He seems to be getting a good start with his other two members in being aspiring original artists.

Addi Pietro & Missouri Mud

Addi Pietro & Missouri Mud. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis

The lyrics for “Always Been A Child”:
I could sit on my floor for hours
Listen to records by the towers
Just to make my head spin
Cuz Iv’e always been a child, I’ve know this for a while
Who the hell else would I’ve been?

She was right for leavin’ me, I’m kind of a weakness you see
Not the path to maturity

If I could say I was sorry, I’d do that in a heartbeat
But not to be let in

Always Been A Child
She’s Gone
Sex & Candy (Marcy Playground cover)
Loufest Highschool Battle of Bands

Rusty Pilgrim. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Rusty Pilgrim performed the second slot and is comprised of Josh Friedrich, Alex Tucker and also John Stewart. This trio presents the listener with some slow and airy parts with vocals that reminded me of Thom Yorke of Radiohead. To balance out their sound, they also present some very upbeat and chaotic interludes that sometimes progress into a great climax at the end of a song. “Evil Of All Kind” is the perfect example of this. They utilize these elements while taking you through a stroll “In A Garden”, but the outcome is a bit different. There is not a real huge jump in tempo, as this is more of a visual and also sensual song; it stays in a slow mindset and is kept in rhythm by a tambourine. Half-way through, the falsettos really get you, and there is a nice mood at play here. The song is appropriately named and has some synthesizer in it. Their final song, “Ned”, has an interesting beginning to it and sounds melodic at first, then goes into this jazzy part, then back to the melodic. Next, in place of the jazzy part, is a circus sideshow of apocalyptic proportions. They really go out into left field at the end of it. Below the set list is another picture of the band and also their song “Ned” for your listening pleasure.

Set list:

Evil Of All Kind
In A Garden
Something About The Jeffersons

Rusty Pilgrim

Rusty Pilgrim. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Ned by Rusty Pilgrim

Dear Genre

Dear Genre. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis

Just after Rusty Pilgrim‘s set ended, I made my way outside to speak with them for a moment and was waiting for them to finish with their unloading, when I saw an interesting character. He was obviously getting ready to perform in the next act, which was to be Dear Genre. Somewhat intrigued by his demeanor, I knew that there set was going to be interesting, in some form or fashion. Dear Genre is Marcello Farrell, Jack Mudd, Charlie Unger and Andre Cataldo. Andre was actually born in Curitiba, Brasil in 1992 and moved to the United States at a young age. When he was four he began playing drums and quickly moved onto additional instruments anytime he could get his hands on one. After playing in different projects, he began to work on his songwriting skills; his interesting approach, according to their facebook information, plunged him into fronting what is now Dear Genre.
Dear Genre

Dear Genre. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis

The first song by Dear Genre is an epic type of song. It starts off with a big sound, then goes into this distorted bass line. The guitar begins to strum and the vibe is cool, the vocals kick in and the music progresses into a pounce like V.A.S.T. would do. It just crescendos from there on, and it was a good song to start with. The second song, “Juliet Wears Romeo”, is completely different. It is an upbeat track and the chorus is really catchy. There is a neat three-four time signature change at the end also. All in all, when their set was complete, I thought they had a good reaction from the crowd, and I was ready for some more music.
Set list:
Past And Present Vicarials Wouldn’t Be In Shape Without Kharma
Juliet Wears Romeo
Summer Or Bus
Man On The Moon
Loufest Battle Part 2

Lost Continent. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

Lost Continent started in late May of 2010 with Taylor Hughes, Landon Burke and Andy Munoz as they began to experiment with their sound. They came to a decision to write original music and see what they could achieve in the music scene locally. By the end of June, they had produced thirteen demo tracks. In July, they chose two songs to record and launched a social network site, in the hopes of beginning to play some shows in the future. They recruited Matt Brugner to the band and then started collaborating with Mike Judy Productions on some local venues to perform at. Just recently, they added Peter Johnson on keyboard, and they have continued on their journey as a band, which is now a five-piece.

Lost Continent

Lost Continent‘s set consisted of mostly new music that is not previously recorded, which tells me that they are still hard at work. I thought the new music was even more experimental and they seem to be starting to find their direction as a whole. The music and message is inspirational, and I noticed on the first song that the keyboard player is really into it… seriously, he was good. They all were. I think the songwriting level for their age is good, and I was glad to witness the direction they are taking. The last song they played, which was “Regrets”, seemed to remind me of a mix between Yellow Card and Coldplay. The vocal tone is similar to a voice like the singer of Toad The Wet Sprocket. You can check them out in the footer below this article and stream the track there and see what you think of it for yourself.
Set List:
Sound Of Sirens
The Pretext

The Pretext. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

The Pretext is influenced by such acts as The National, Muse and also Radiohead. They can be considered a piano-based, alternative rock band. I heard some jazz and blues influences, for sure. For example, in their song “Domino”, not only is there piano in it but a synth arpeggiator effect is used. The group is headed up by Keaton Armentrout and features Jack Drewson on percussion. They recently added a guitar player for the live show. Check out the example I used for yourself below:

Domino by ThePretext

The Pretext

The Pretext. Photo credit: © Christopher Davis

The Pretext‘s music is a culmination of music that Keaton has been putting together over the past couple of years. Since the genre he chose is so loosely defined, they empower their sound with piano solos, fuzzy guitars, an egg shaker and a synthesizer. On there recorded versions of the songs, there is even a cameo appearance by a violinist and an upright bass. Pretty cool stuff.
Set List:
Strung Up
Black Tambourine (Beck cover)
Battle for LouFest

Faux Pas. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis

The final act was upon us, which was Faux Pas, and upon taking the stage Ashley Byrne exclaimed,”And now for some estrogen on this stage. There has been to much testosterone.” Then she laughed, as did everyone else. The act has been playing shows for a year solid now, in addition to recording an album. What a good start. Faux Pas is Ashley Byrne, Amy Lickenbrock, Alex Judd, Luke Bindbeutel, Nick Johnson, Dan Ilges and Ben Conover. This band knows how to have fun with music, while adding in a wide range of musical perspectives. They truly have a unique sound.

Faux Pas – Looking High by fauxpasstl

Faux Pas
Faux Pas. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis
Faux Pas

Faux Pas. Photo Credit: © Christopher Davis

Faux Pas likes an eclectic mix of music, such as artists like Fleet Foxes, She & Him, Arcade Fire, The Raconteurs, Say Panther, Bon Iver, Led Zepplin, Mumford & Sons and also St. Louis’ own Machree. Speaking of which, they will be playing at their CD Release show at Fubar on July 15th, 2011. The diversity that they have is a plus. This allows them to adapt and also stand out in many arenas. The first song was upbeat and showed their tightness as a group. The second song was a bit slower, but you begin to see what they are capable of. The third song, “November”, starts off with a slow tempo and a catchy melody; a harmony then ties it together even further when the music picks up, and it is as almost if it weaves back and forth. It really ties it all together. While they were playing their last song, I was thinking about who might win from this portion of the battle, then I pondered on who might win from the first one. I gazed around and looked at all of the hopefuls and before I knew it, the show was over, I was going to have to wait until June 1st like everyone else to find out who the winners would be. If you haven’t found out the winners yet, get to it. All of the artist’s URL’s are listed below the set list. Included are the link to the first portion of the battle’s review by us, the event’s website and a link to their blog with the winners.
Set List:
Looking High
Think Of Me
Klondike Blues
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Lou Fest Winners of the High School Battle Of The Bands:
Link to review from STL Music Press on part one:
Article written by Christopher Davis of Ockum’s Razor


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