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Sunday March 18th 2018

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Spiral-Shaped Mind Interview

Interview with Justin Hamline of Spiral-Shaped Mind

St Louis Music Press interviewer Angie Knost interviewed Justin Hamline of Spiral-Shaped Mind about his upcoming performance at Rock U Fest in St Louis, on September 24, 2011 at the Atomic Cowboy. Justin plays sythesizers, laptop and sequencer.

Spiral-Shaped Mind. Photo courtesy of Spiral-Shaped Mind.

Angie: How would you classify your band’s genre, and how do you describe your sound?

Justin:  Spiral-Shaped Mind is simply electronic music.  I’ve ventured out to other sub-genres, but that’s because I have ADD and I can’t stick with one sound. My sound is more of an image of me standing in a hall of mirrors of my influences. Whatever artist I’m influenced by at the time is how my music reflects.

Angie: What do you think is the most difficult thing about being a musician?  What is the most rewarding thing?

Justin: The most difficult thing about being an artist is trying to lay down everything that is building up inside my head. I’ll be at work or out and about and be inspired by something, and I try to remember or grasp that moment and hold on to it just so I can express it later on when I’m in the studio. The most rewarding thing about being an artist is the goose bumps. When I’m creating a track or a song in it’s entirety and I get goose bumps, I know that song means something to me emotionally.

Angie: What, to you, is the best thing about the St Louis music scene?

Justin: The best thing about the St Louis scene is the people who are trying to continue to keep it alive. Musicians have come and gone and have often left a slime trail like a slug. They left their stamp, whether it’s a positive or negative one. I’ve known artists who’ve denied being part of the St Louis scene, and that’s sad to me. Its people, like the ones putting together Rock U Fest, who’ve noticed great talent and hardworking musicians. They are the ones who keep it alive and well.

Angie: Before or after your set at Rock U Fest, are there any particular bands you plan to check out?  Any St Louis bands you particularly enjoy or have your eye on?

Justin: I’ll always check out my good friends Buxom Space Fish. Afterwards, I’ll have to head home and take care of my two daughters and wife. I’m sure I’ll have to wake up and work early the next day. I always have my eye on my friends, Eyeye and Bakke & Secret. To be honest, I live all the way out in Winfield (between dueling banjos and deliverance) so I don’t take that drive all the time to St Louis to check out new acts, but I always seem to come to the city to see them.

Enjoy this sample track of Spiral-Shaped Mind and check the official website for more info:

Spiral-Shaped Mind-Watson 387 by Spiral-shapedmind


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