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Sunday March 18th 2018

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St. Louis Record Stores

Whether your love is CD or vinyl, you’re sure to find something to please your ears at one of these St. Louis area record stores. Each listing is a clickable link.

Photo credit: © Stiven


Dead Wax Records
Small but mighty. Their compact collection is condensed down to everything the really cool people are listing to. You won’t waste time wading through fluff to get to the good stuff.

Euclid Records
LPs and CDs, both new and used, spanning many genres.  Occasional in-store performances and a record label to boot.

A chain store.  Find music, DVDs and games in real stores and online.

Music Record Shop
Sells factory sealed records (no “used”/secondhand product), domestic and imported reissued music CDs, vinyl records, limited edition box sets and music DVDs. Shop in-store or online.

Planet Score Records
New and used records, CDs, tapes and movies. Something for everyone here, catering to all musical tastes.

The Record Exchange
CDs, DVDs, LPs, cassettes, and even 8 Tracks !  Don’t go to this place when you’re in a rush.  Allow time for digging up treasures in the willy-nilly warehouse of musical culture.

A chain that rules the shopping mall kingdom.  Find music, movies and games and more.

Vintage Vinyl
CDs and vinyl.  Occasional in-store performances.   Lots o’ great audio-treasures to be found, as well as t-shirts, posters and DVDs.

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