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Rock U Fest 2012

Second Annual Rock U Fest at Atomic Cowboy, July 28, 2012

The second annual Rock U Fest, also known as Rock University Festival, took place on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at Atomic Cowboy in St. Louis. The event hosted three stages of rock simultaneously from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am. It was put together by a group of friends to promote unity in the St. Louis rock scene. Some thirty-five plus acts performed that  day. The charity that was chosen to help promote and support was Play It Forward.  P.I.F. fills a gap in the schools of our city by providing teachers with much needed instruments to facilitate their classrooms and programs.

It was a hundred-degree type of day, and the outdoor stage on the expansive patio was blistering at times. One could find some relief by enjoying the festival atmosphere indoors by either lounging near the Acoustic/Electro stage or by ducking into the Fox Hole venue located at Atomic Cowboy. There truly was something for everyone.

The list of acts is almost astronomical for the size of the venue, which holds around fifteen-hundred. They are as follows:  The MusicEmbryo Project, Kevin Renick, Andrew Craft, Alex Magrath, Hurts To Laugh, Rob Whisenhunt, Shotgun Abby, Revence, Panic Attack, Sinfinis, Deep Earth // Big Sky, DJ Skeletal, DJ Skuzzy all were on the Acoustic/Electro stage.

Avalon Cinema, Castlewood, AudioViral, The Orbz, Unanimous, Unifyah, Harmony Grove, Arbor Lights, Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion, Fer De Lance, The F.O.A.D’s, and Lucid all performed inside the Fox Hole.

Doorway, Beastmode, The Kickdown, Clockwork, A Life Less Gray, Pirate Signal, Ockum’s Razor, Jay Boozer, The Sages, Where’s The Chief?, Midwest Avengers and Yours Truly all graced the Outdoor stage.

During the day, there were belly dancers and aerial pole performers that did their routines indoors. The Acoustic/Electro stage even had an hour block of time where they hosted an open-mic session.

At night, things got really interesting. Outdoors, one might have witnessed a fire troupe blazing a trail into the summer night’s surroundings, as well as hula-hoop performers with glow in the dark gear and also fire gear. (Not to mention,  the naked bike ride ended up smack dab in front of the venue itself, just after the time when the minors had to leave for curfew.)

It was an eventful time and successful, overall. Some of the music scene’s avid spinners were there, including Indio Radio, Saint Louis Sinner Magazine, Suburban Pro Studios, The Itchy Show, and more.

For more information on the festival, visit the official website and learn about how you can be a part of it in 2013. Maybe we will see you there? As for those that were at this event, relive your experience and stream/download the artists that you heard, using this LINK.

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