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Sunday April 22nd 2018

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Local Rapper Tef Poe Pens Article for TIME Magazine

St Louis area rapper Tef Poe (aka Kareem Jackson) is the subject of national attention , after writing a strong opinion piece regarding the recent Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, American civil rights and his disappointment in Barack Obama’a presidency, that was published on Time Magazine’s website.

rapper Tef Poe of Ferguson, MO St Louis

Tef Poe. Photo credit: © Ricky Sherman

Read the original article here: http://time.com/3330800/tef-poe-ferguson-missouri-police-militarization-civil-rights/

Tef Poe Ferguson St Louis rapper

Tef Poe. Photo credit: © Ricky Sherman

Find out more about Tef Poe at his official website: http://www.tefpoe.com/

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