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Thursday March 22nd 2018

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Roxy Soxy Joins St Louis Music Press Staff

We’re proud to have Roxy Soxy as the newest member of the St. Louis Music Press team. She’s new to us, but she’s been around the music scene for a very long time. With the interview savvy of Barbra Walters, the controversial style and feminist attitude of Courtney Love, and extensive industry ‘contact’ connections that rival those of the infamous Pamela Des Barres, coupled with an endearing sweetness reminiscent of Elmo, she’s a journalist-groupie-sock-puppet extraordinaire.

Rock Journalist Roxy Soxy

Roxy. Photo: © Angie Knost, LLC

No one really knows how old Roxy is (she always looks hip and smells freshly laundered), but pictures have surfaced that place her in the circles of the rock greats throughout history. (She’s inspired people all over the industry for decades, but has blushingly kept the spirit of anonymity, as good groupie-journalists do. Rumor has it that “Blue Suede Shoes” was about a fight in which The Pelvis Himself defended Ms. Soxy’s honor at a certain club…the original title may have been “Don’t Step On My Pink Knit Sock”. )

In the 60’s, she had a knack for knowing what new acts were going to be hot, and was always seen in the grooviest crowds.

It was an era of protest. While people rebelled against “The Man”, socks had their own issues with “The Shoe”. Free love ushered in an era of bare socks for peace-loving hosiery everywhere.

In the 70s, she became enthralled with all types of music, from disco to punk to southern rock to funk. Glam, experimental, art rock, she loved it all. Roxy’s music-loving personality easily befriended the rotten, the funky and the sparkly. (A certain Mr Stewart allegedly once dedicated a special rendition of one of his biggest hits to her…”Do Ya Think I’m Soxy”.)

In the 1980s, the rumors continued to fly of songs she inspired, which included Marvin’s “Soxual Healing”, and Michael’s “Sock With You”.) The 80s were an era of excess, and Roxy’s lifestyle was no exception. While she tried to cling to her natural inclination to keep a handle on the music scene, she fell into the clutches of addiction. After hitting rock bottom, she checked into rehab and began the long struggle to overcome a medicated foot powder addiction.

The 90s were like a new dawn for Roxy. Free from addiction and inspired to take good care of her health, Roxy made personal improvements and new industry contacts which propelled her career forward. (Rumors circulated that she worked for the Red Hot Chili Peppers during this era. When asked about it, she usually blushes profusely and just says that her job may have included keeping some of the band’s most precious ‘equipment’ under wraps.)

The 2000s brought new styles… Autotune..Nu Metal and Emo were sounds on her radar that were brought to the forefront in this era. Tenacious D “Rocked Her Socks”. Roxy’s reporting spanned into the new millennium.

So here we are in 2012, with Roxy joining the staff of St Louis Music Press! We’re excited for her future here with us. The best is yet to come.

Roxy Soxy

Roxy Soxy. Photo credit: © Angie Knost, LLC

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